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How to talk to girls and not being nervous when doing it
Good Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

Good Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

So, you are finally going to meet her again, but what do you talk about? Despite recent talk of equality, women will still want a man to behave and speak like a man

How to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

How to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

You don’t want to stand out as a guy pursuing her, but you want to meet her now! How long should you wait before calling and asking her out?

Allan Kent

By Allan Kent

Sexy young lady with finger on her lipsHow to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

Let us first conclude that success with women is not something that can be learned just as simple as turning on and off the light. Success with women and girls is more like playing an instrument. It takes practice. In the beginning it feels like you’re not going anywhere, but later it turns out that practice makes perfect.


How do I do then?


Well, the first thing you should do is to stop thinking of all the things that can go wrong before you have actually asked her out, and then get started.


In this article, I assume that you already have contact with the woman, and therefore already have her phone number.


Good! And now to the big question:


How long should I wait before I call and ask her out?


The direct answer is: Wait 3 to 7 days to call after you’ve got her number, and do not call her on the weekend.

You’re not interested in that she sees you as someone who pursues her, if she does not answer the phone, leave a message, and then ring her every second day.


If she still does not answer the phone, it’s time to leave the following message:


“Hi. It’s ___. I met you at ___. It seems that you’re playing hard to get. It’s pretty sweet. I thought I would call you one last time. I’m curious to meet you over a cup of coffee and find out if you really are as nice as I think you are. Call me “.


It gives a chance to see if she really has some interest for you. She might well have been on holiday, or just have been very busy.


… She answers the phone, what do I do now?


Start by saying, “Hello. It’s ___. I met you at ___. How are you? “
Now, you listen only, and let her talk as long as she wants. Then it’s time to get down to business, and to complete the conversation. You tell her:


“I was intrigued by our conversation lately and thought we should see each other again.”


Then you tell her about the chosen venue, and please be a little creative and think about something else than dinner on a restaurant or similar. There are many other options and you are not trying to look like a desperate guy with flowers, dinner and a trip to the cinema the first time you meet. A half hour meeting at a local coffee shop is enough. Tell her so:


“I thought to meet at 1 or 3… what time is best for you?”.


Now you let her speak again, and listen to what she says. You have already proposed the meeting and given specific information and therefore anything else but an approval or a change in meeting time in fact means “no”.


Remember to always have an idea of when / where and what in relation to the meeting, when you call.


If it should come to a point where you feel that she rejects you, it’s time to finish with:


“Well, I’m sorry, I thought that we had something in common, you have something to write with nearby?”.  “Here’s my number if you are interested in spending some time with a guy who can make you laugh. Call me, have a nice day, bye “.


Now it’s up to her.


But if she accepts, you end the conversation with:


“(Her name), it sounds good, we’ll meet at ___ on  ___.
(Her name), you are probably not one of those girls who set up a meeting, and then not show up, are you? Something I find challenging, are people who are late or unreliable “.


Now she will tell you that she is always on time, reliable, etc. Now you have given her an identity as a reliable person who always arrives on time. You have set demands for her and boosted your self confidence, and it is important that you end the conversation here. You want to preserve a little mystery around your person until you meet.


And remember the whole purpose of you inviting her to a meeting…


You want to find out if she is a potential dating candidate!

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