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How to talk to girls and not being nervous when doing it
Good Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

Good Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

So, you are finally going to meet her again, but what do you talk about? Despite recent talk of equality, women will still want a man to behave and speak like a man

How to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

How to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

You don’t want to stand out as a guy pursuing her, but you want to meet her now! How long should you wait before calling and asking her out?

Allan Kent

By Allan Kent

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About Seduction Wheel

My name is Allan Kent and I want to thank you for stopping by! I have made this website for anyone who is interested in how to get girls, seducing ladies and building self-confidence. That means most of you men out there :)


I am dedicated to bring you tips, advice and good information to help you reach your goal! And provide you with skills to get you to the place you want to be.


If you are willing to put in just a little work, you’ll already be ahead of the many guys doing nothing. You’ll be the one that girls listen to and notices, the one that stands out and therefore the one that get the girls numbers.


I’m here to give you knowledge from experience. I’ve had success but also made many mistakes with women. In the whole process I learned from the failures and I’m now able to bring this knowledge to you. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, remember: Success is always better.


You’ll need a plan for this to work out and reading through the tips, advice and articles on you’ll get the building bricks to develop your own Seduction System to get more dates and have more success with your dating.


Not all women are alike so there is not a basic system that will work with them all, but if you start listening between the lines, you’ll soon discover that there are many common themes. You are likely to end up in the same situations again and again, and there is usually a common way to deal with these situations.


Stop get intimidated by women and start dating. You will soon gain more self-confidence and the good results will follow.


To Your Success



   Allan Kent



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