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How to talk to girls and not being nervous when doing it
Good Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

Good Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

So, you are finally going to meet her again, but what do you talk about? Despite recent talk of equality, women will still want a man to behave and speak like a man

How to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

How to Ask a Girl out over the Phone

You don’t want to stand out as a guy pursuing her, but you want to meet her now! How long should you wait before calling and asking her out?

Allan Kent

By Allan Kent

        Seduction Wheel

Seduction WheelWhat do women really want?

They want to be seduced…


When you’re approaching women you’re going through a three step cycle:


1.  Approach her

2.  Attract her

3.  Win her over


And that is: The Seduction Wheel.


Approach Her

For many men, this is when sweat begins to seep under the arms, and the panic starts, but do not fret!


Here’s the good news: She’s not better than you…


Try to imagine her sitting on the toilet with her panties down around her ankles?

Now she seems suddenly not so daunting anymore…


Think about that the worst that can happen is that she says “no “, and if she does that, think about that there are thousands of better women out there. In fact, even the worst approach does not give a rejection more than 9 out of 10 times.


Do not hesitate … if you hesitate too long to approach her, you’ll start a discussion within yourself. “Should, should not ” … and it will probably end with “should not “.


So, don’t do that, be active instead.


A good opening line


So, what’s a good opening line when you want to pick up a girl you’re interested in?


Is it: “Your eyes are beautiful like the stars in the sky “, or “I’ve been looking at you for a long time, and you seem to like me ” or is it “Your hair is blacker than Africa “?


Not really, it’s:




That’s right … with a simple “hi ” You will distance at least 50% of the other guys who do nothing. Most girls will give you a smile and listen to you if you can just get yourself to say “hi “.


Attract Her

How to do it?  You’ll need to sell yourself.


Be the man…


Find your inner James Bond agent 007 and use him wisely.
Women want feedback and not appeasement, direct her in the right direction, and do not let her manipulate you. Be a bit mysterious and enigmatic, and do not forget to give her full attention when she speaks.




You’ll need to make her feel confident and make her feel safe and comfortable in your presence. She must believe that you are not violent, are not out to hurt her feelings, or hurt her at all, like previously guys have done. Do not lie or mislead her, be consistent. If you fail to win her trust, the entire basis for the next step is useless.


Win Her Over

This is where you play the trump card.


Show her that you are a price worth winning, and a guy worth fighting for.
Show her what you have to offer through your humor.


As soon as you feel she’s clear on this, no matter how long it may take you to achieve this, start to look as though you’re running out of time and must end the conversation as soon as possible.


Remember to have a good “exit” strategy, so you can stop the conversation quickly and comfortably. It serves no purpose to run out of topics to talk about, and then sit back and stare into space.


Get her number or email address and move forward.
You can stop the conversation by saying: “It was nice to meet you, we could possibly continue the conversation later, what’s your number? ”. Say “thank you ” and walk slowly away.


You got what you came for!

What are you doing down here?

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